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  • Safety Driving Tips - Driving in the Fog

    Monday 05 May 2014

    We receive a lot of tow calls on foggy mornings and evenings. Fog can be thought of as a cloud at ground level. It forms when the temperature drops to the dew point (the temperature at which air is saturated), and invisible water vapor in the air condenses to form suspended water droplets. Fog can reduce visibility to 1/4 mile or less, creating hazardous driving conditions. If you can't postpone your trip until dense fog lifts -- usually by late morning or the afternoon -- follow these t... read more

  • Don't Drive in the Slough!

    Monday 05 May 2014

    Winter is here, and with it comes the Washington weather that always keeps us two truck operators in Mount Vernon and throughout the Valley very busy. Driving conditions are constantly changing and can be very difficult at times, even for our experienced tow truck operators. January hasn’t brought us much snow but we have had plenty of fog! It’s hard to tell which is worse! All this fog has made for some tricky driving and even more tricky tows! Recently we were called out to Bay... read more