The work was done well on time within the estimate. What one would expect for a reputable repair shop.

4 Mount Vernon 6/1/2017

If you want to take a vehicle here make sure you have a solid understanding about cars before you do. I had my truck towed there with a bad battery connection. They fixed it very quickly. They then informed me that the truck needed a new alternator and starter belt, a new air filter, an oil change and a brake fluid flush. All of which they would do for a final bill of $630. They told me it would be a while because they had to order the belts. I said to go ahead because I naively thought that they were treating me fairly & being honest. I then called the mechanic that had worked on my vehicle previously and asked for a quote for the work they recommended. He got back to me within 10 minutes and told me he could do all that work for $250 before tax. Feeling frustrated and taken advantage of, I called the shop to tell them I would be coming in to pick up my truck and that I didn't want any further work done. That is when they put me on hold for 5 minutes and then came back and told me that they had already taken the belts off of my truck. When I asked why the belts were already off, since I had been told that he needed to order them, I was told that they found some in the shop. In the end I paid $300 to have 2 belts changed and my battery reseated. Not an honest mechanic but they will get the job done.

Lindy, I'm very sorry you were unhappy with the results of your repairs. When you had the truck towed from the other shop that couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start, you authorized us an hour of labor to diagnose it. We actually used (and charged) less that that hour that was ok'd by you. I can't help but wonder if the mechanic who told you he'd do the work so cheaply was the same one who couldn't get the truck started in the first place. I'm glad you were at least able to drive it home rather than tow it back out. Car Care Clinic at Gateway Transmissions
1 Mount Vernon 5/17/2017

Got the job done at areasonable price

4 Mount Vernon 5/17/2017

Great guys and attention to detail. Very Knowledgeable. Recommended!

5 Oak Harbor 5/17/2017

I had previously had my Subaru serviced by Mount Vernon Auto Repair. I was very satisfied with the work they had done in the past -- so when I learned that owner Doug Faber had sold his repair business to Gateway Transmissions, that was a good enough reason for me to take my business to Bill and Max at Car Care Clinic. I recently had a significant repair done, and my decision to take my car to Gateway Transmissions proved to be a good one. Having a mechanic you can rely on is right up there with your choice of primary care doc and dentist. You want reliable professionals with good customer care in all cases, and I've found this at Car Care Clinic at Gateway Transmissions. I plan to continue bringing my vehicles to Bill and Max and their team of mechanics and technicians. I know they'll treat me and my cars right, and their 36,000 mile warranty means peace of mind.

5 Mount Vernon 5/10/2017

it was a great experience. super friendly and keep me up to date on everything.

5 Mount Vernon 5/1/2017

UPDATED 4/17/17: Bill called to speak with me and my husband about our concerns. He said steps had been taken to ensure that communication is improved. Bill quoted the regular price for their maintenance inspection as $99.95 and explained that their mechanics and technicians are highly trained, have invested thousands of dollars in their tools, are well paid for their work, and their services come with a 3 year warranty. We have no reason to doubt they do a good job, but simply wish the costs had been made clear from the beginning - we would have chosen to use a different shop for something as simple as an oil change and inspection. I have updated their star rating (200%) to 2 stars. ORIGINAL POST 4/15/17: From our recent experience, the rates at Car Care Clinic in Mount Vernon, WA are much higher than comparable work at other local shops. After sharing our concerns with Max to no avail, we will not be using their services again and cannot recommend them to anyone else. My husband first spoke with Max over the phone to ask about getting previous work records for a friend’s car – we just wanted to find out what work had been done in the past. Our friend is disabled and battling cancer and no longer able to drive. We wanted to help get her car ready for her daughter to drive cross-country. Max said he had a special price on a pre-trip inspection if done at the same time as an oil change, however no price was quoted for either. This was our big mistake in not getting a quote and having it put in writing. For an oil change on a 19 year old car we were charged $19.95 labor, $10 filter, $20 oil, $11.11 shop supplies, and $3.70 hazardous materials. In addition, we were charged $59.95 for a “maintenance inspection” – if this was a special price, what was the regular price?? With tax this totaled $135.31 for an oil change and inspection. To their credit, we did get a call from the shop to say that the rear brakes needed adjustment. Their quote for the service was $50 which they completed at a few dollars under. However, this did not make up for the serious lack of communication and high costs associated with the oil change and inspection. Many dealers and independent shops in the Skagit Valley offer an oil change for $29.95-39.95 oil and filter included, and free safety inspections. After paying $59.95 for the inspection at Car Care Clinic we were not even given a list of what they inspected or the results. My husband had to go back another day to request a printout. We had wanted to support a family owned business in the valley but sadly, will never return to this one.

Thank you for your detailed analysis and critique of our business model. We strive to glean usable insights from comments such as yours so that we can be a better and more customer oriented company. While our business model is not for everyone, we have found that it benefits the majority of the motoring public who are seeking to spend less money on repairs over the long term, while maximizing the value of their vehicles and maintenance dollars. In your case, while you weren't involved in bringing in your friend's vehicle or in communicating with the service adviser, there was clearly a point at which your husband found value in a detailed inspection to determine whether the vehicle was capable of making a cross country journey with a young driver. The inspection that he requested is the same as we would do for a Pre-Purchase inspection, for which we normally charge $125. As your husband explained, he brought the car to us because the lady who owned it had used us as her regular mechanic while she was driving, and had been very happy with the value of our repairs. Again, our model is not for everyone, but we believe that it serves value minded customers well. Car Care Clinic at Gateway Transmissions
2 Mount Vernon 4/18/2017

Each time that I have my truck serviced here, I knew that they will always perform the best service for my vehicle. And Dave have been always helpful in getting your vehicle serviced in a timely manner.That is why I always rely on gateway transmissions for my vehicle!

5 Oak Harbor 4/18/2017

We were referred to Gateway Transmissions for testing on battery. Dave was friendly and most helpful in dealing with our issue. Our Honda was checked out for any problems with vehicle other than battery and it was then charged back up to capacity. The vehicle ran for a week, at which time we realized we had a problem with the battery holding he charged. I called Dave and he had our new battery within the hour and we drove away happy. Service was great at Gateway Transmissions and we will go back for any other services we need on our vehicle.

5 Oak Harbor 4/3/2017

Thank you to Dave for making my experience awesome. He's taking great care of my care!

5 Oak Harbor 4/3/2017