Mark's estimate was right on to install my wiring harness. They also provided me with the cost to do future repairs to my truck so i can budget for them. Thanks

4 Mount Vernon 3/18/2017

Always very helpful and efficient. They really go the extra mile for you!!!

5 Oak Harbor 3/17/2017

service performed in a timely manner. transportation to and from very satisfactory. They even apologized for not having tightened the nut on the battery positive cable on a repair done last fall. Had not the battery been due for replacement and a bad bearing on the belt tensioner they agreed that there would have been no charge. but his was negated by the fact that the battery required changing

3.5 Mount Vernon 3/16/2017

Fast and friendly service

5 Mount Vernon 3/9/2017

Very fast, efficient and affordable

5 Oak Harbor 2/28/2017

I waited two hours, and paid 119, for them to just give me the codes that my engine was throwing. I brought it in for a diagnosis of the codes, not for them to tell me what I already knew. Never using gateway again.

Thanks for the comments, Michael. When you made the appointment, you told us that you had recent head gasket work done in another city. You indicated that it was more convenient to pay us to begin the diagnosis than to return to the shop that did the work. Our report to you included the following: "Found Cam position timing over advanced or system performance error. Possible dirty or clogged oil routing, clogged control solenoid valve, or timing chain off timing mark. Recommend 3 hours further diagnosis for possible hydraulic or electrical problems." The requested diagnosis was given, and you then decided to return to the shop that did the original work. Not liking the results of the diagnosis is not the same as not receiving value for your money. Car Care Clinic at Gateway Transmissions
0.5 Mount Vernon 2/27/2017

Great job - on time, on quote, friendly & efficient. And I love the mascot (Mischa)

5 Mount Vernon 2/23/2017

Had an oil change and air filter replaced. Very courteous and helpful staff. Will return for more service.

5 Mount Vernon 2/19/2017

We were so happy to find the Gateway Transmission shop in Oak Harbor the people were so friendly and helpful. Our car was fixed and taken really good care of. Thanks so much and we will bring the car back for other services.

5 Oak Harbor 2/11/2017

I am extremely satisfied with the service performed on my car, I had my transmission serviced and driveline replaced. The repair was completed in a timely manner, and the estimate was explained to me before the work started, no surprises. I dealt with Max who was friendly and professional and was even nice enough to give me a ride to work. I will definitely return to Car Care Clinic for service and any future repairs.

5 Mount Vernon 2/11/2017