Dave is fantastic! I am always well taken care of and never feel I am being taken advantage of as a woman.

5 Oak Harbor 8/19/2017

I had problems on how my car was driving. I was told it was the transmission in the car that was going. I took it to Gateway Transmission to diagnose the problem and I have to say they let me know everything that they was doing to find what the problem was. And tried their best to keep the cost down. After 2 hrs of diagnosing I had something that was disconnected and reflushed out the transmission fluid and gave me a filter. Car rides like a brand new Lexus..thanks Dave and Charles

4.5 Oak Harbor 8/19/2017

When I brought my car in I had every expectation that the cost would between $200-$300. $60 for an annual inspection, $95 for a hazard switch, then it got rediculouse with a $300 charge for the blinker assembly that I can find online for $102. I paid $718 grudgingly! Then after picking up the car the AC didn't work! I ended up taking it from there to Jerry Smith Chevrolet and spending another $300 to have the AC system checked for leaks and recharged. No, I won't ever return this car, or any other to this location. Thank you very much and good luck!

1 Mount Vernon 8/16/2017

Fast, efficient, and accurate service. Even went the extra mile to help fix a loose seat panel.

4 Oak Harbor 8/16/2017

This was a look at this before we buy. Car Care gave the RV power train a good look and gave us a report as ti what the repairs will cost. The report we clear and easy to understand, The staff is courteous and friendly. We left with usable data to base our decision.

5 Mount Vernon 8/10/2017

Fast efficient service--I like that--and at a decent price

4.5 Mount Vernon 8/9/2017

The guys in the shop are very helpful and fast to get the truck done right. thank you

4 Mount Vernon 7/27/2017

Long time to facilitate repair (16 days) which may have been due to a problem receiving necessary parts. Price seemed exorbitant after talking with other car owners and comparing costs. Loan car was available for I week . Transmission seems to be okay but shop wants to recheck it in 2 weeks. Manager indicated that there would be a little difference in the way the car performed until car was driven for a while.

3 Oak Harbor 7/22/2017

I've never had a bad experience with Gateway. Always percise, honest, and friendly! They respect me to the greatest degree! Impressive!!

5 Mount Vernon 7/19/2017

Way to high priced. I appreciate them looking out for us, but I took it to get AC fixed and ended up getting 2 other things done that were not planned on as far as time and finance go.

3.5 Mount Vernon 7/15/2017